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June 2022


The shooting  for "Lena Lorenz - Lügenbaby" directed by Jan Bauer is now completed . Many thanks to Stefany Pohlmann for the casting and my agents at Baumbauer Actors as well as to the wonderful colleagues.* in Berchtesgaden and  at   Ziegler film !

-   May 2022   -


Filming for three exciting projects will take place in Munich and the surrounding area in May - so looking forward!

And soon I'll tell you more (:

©SARIPICTURE _ Sarah Domandl_Magdalena Müller_025_20210806.jpg

May 2022


On Friday, May 13, 2022, the Female Photo Club will open their current exhibition in the mim-room  for  Kultur in Munich with a vernissage between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The  photographer Saripicture | Sarah Domandl exhibits my portrait - what an honor and many thanks for that!

April 2022


On Saturday, April 30th, 2022, I will be singing in the Rubinsteinsaal in the Steinwayhaus in Munich. Starts at 7:00 p.m. and registration is requested.
Many thanks to Claudia Gehrke-Trindade and Friedrich Rauchbauer and Lana del Ray!

©SARIPICTURE _ Sarah Domandl_Magdalena Müller

March 2022


I was in front of the camera as Marianne for the docu-fiction feature film "A Rubik's Cube called online dating" directed by Lilian Czolbe. Thank you to the whole cast and crew for this experience!

February 2022


On my audioreel there is new stuff to listen to    Everything can be found in the audio section - have fun listening!

Magdalena Müller

January 2022


For WAVES for Lauraine upcoming music video I did some acting but also dancing and  jumping . It's a wrap - I'm looking forward to the result! Director: Laila Bierling, concept: Lauraine

January 2022


"Green in the city", Director: Fariba  Buchheim   and Andreas Pfohl, NOZY Films is finished! Thank you for this super nice and important project! 

Still_GIDS_Magdalena Müller_Nozy Films
Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-18 um 10.52.00.png

January 2022

New material

There's something new on my showreel : in German, in English and in French! 

You can see it on all my profiles , have fun watching!

December 2021


On the day with the first snow back again into summer? Goes! At the movie!! Lots of fun on set with Nozy Films , great colleagues and a fascinating shoot for Green in the City!

Whitagram-Image 2.JPG

November 2021

block of 10 | Anderson system

Continuing with expanding the tools of the trade: workshop with Sigrid Andersson and her block of 10 system. I am very grateful and inspired by the work we have done together!

November 2021 

on screen

I can be seen on ZDF on November 21, 2021 at Über Land in the episodes "Later" and "In Dinge  Liebe" next to Harald Krassnitzer in the courtroom. In what capacity? Tune in and find out!

Director: Franz-Xaver Boger, Casting: Daniela Tolkien

PS: Also in the ZDF media library, of course!

©SARIPICTURE _ Sarah Domandl_Magdalena Müller_122_20210806-Edit.jpg

October 2021

New material

There's something new on my showreel: English scenes and something to laugh about! If you feel like grinning, start with " Oups !"

October 2021


I was able to gain particularly instructive and valuable experiences at the masterclass with  Ivana  Chubbuck herself in the Metropoltheater!


September 2021


I had a lot of fun as "Mitzi" on the set with the Rosenheim-Cops. Director: Jörg Schneider, Casting: Stephen Sikder, Costumes: Virginija Weck

Thank you everyone for the great time!

August 2021

new photos

Together with Saripicture | Sarah Domandl! We shot some new acting portraits!

Available now in all databases.

©SARIPICTURE _ Sarah Domandl_Magdalena Müller_100_20210806-Edit.jpg
Magdalena Müller für Baumbauer Actors

July 2021


My agency Baumbauer  Actor s will soon be online with a completely new website. There is an exclusive Baumbauer Actors photo concept with beautiful black and white portraits. One here as a teaser, newness coming soon!

May + June 2021


Stay  tuned! I can promise that there is a lot in the pipeline and I look forward to reporting more soon!

Klaster_Magdalena Müller.JPG
Zaucke_2020_Magdalena Mueller-1.jpg

 - April 2021   -

ich bin von kopf bis fuß auf Liebe eingestellt ​

There is another  new recording, namely my interpretation of this classic, which originally Marlene Dietrich sang. 

Feel free to listen!

March 2021


All my profiles in the databases are up to date. Not only at the beginning of the year, but regularly  I check   the information provided for correctness and  update it.

Zaucke_2020_Magdalena Mueller-10.jpg
Schauspielerin Magdalena Müller spricht Schwedisch/skådespelerska Magdalena Müller kan tala svenska

 - February 2021  


Jätte-kul! Nu  skulle jag  vilja garna spela en kvinna som kan tala svenska!

January 2021

moon river

Can she actually sing? Yes she can!

Check out my new music video 

Check out Moon River and make an impression!

Many thanks to the singing studio of Claudia Gehrke Trindade   and Ciro  Trindade  piano, recording and mix. Also, many thanks to MKVisuals for DOP and editing!

Magdalena Müller Moon River
Magdalena Müller_Ich hab alle so geliebt_Regie: Lukas Loose



In the film "I loved everyone so fair" by director and screenwriter Lukas Loose

Thank you for the beautiful  shooting!  

 - November 2020   -


As depressing as the circumstances of the pandemic and the cultural lockdowns are, there is no reason to bury your head in the sand: in addition to my work as an actress, I continue to study journalism and work on my  foreign language skills

I'll get in touch with current dates and updates as soon as there are any. 

Magdalena Müller
Magdalena Müller Krankheit der Jugend © Christian Flamm

 - October 2020   -


On October 23 at 8 p.m. is the premiere of "Illness of Youth"  at the Wasserburg Theater ! Susan Hecker directed it. the review of the Süddeutsche Zeitung the trailer

  September 2020  


There are new portraits that Jürgen Bauer .

Thank you for the nice pictures!


 - August 2020   -

Theater  Today 19/20

Christoph Leibold called " Leonce und Lena " a highlight of the 2019/2020 season in the critics' survey by Theater Heute  . The dramaturgical   concept was particularly praised . So looking forward to the 37th Bayerische Theatertage! the review of the Süddeutsche Zeitung the trailer the podcast

 - August 2020   -


My moodreel is online! What is that?! 
Just have a look  here .

Many thanks to for the nice cooperation!

Zaucke_2020_Magdalena Mueller-5.jpg

 - July 2020   -


As part of the "Firearms for  Actors" workshop at the Forum Media Academy, I educated myself a little!

 - July 2020   -


There are new acting portraits!
The wonderful Elena Zaucke took  new   photos of me. They can now be seen on all important platforms , at my agency   and of course here too!
Merci très bien,
dear Elena !

Zaucke_2020_Magdalena Mueller-7.jpg

June 2020


In addition to filming, June has new dates to offer: in autumn I'll be back on stage in the  Theater  Wasserburg: in October in " Illness of Youth ", in January in " Oh, how beautiful is  Panama " and in April and May in " Leonce und Lena ", which will also be shown at the 37. Bavarian Theater Days !


Language Trailer

Here you get a little insight into my foreign language skills . In addition to German and Bavarian, I would have English, French and Swedish on offer. What to make of it? See for yourself!

Titelbild Sprachen Trailer.png
Titelbild #wirspielenzusammen.png

April 2020


In this action by the casters Suse Marquart, Simone  Bär   and Anja Dihrberg, I let my alter ego out. You can see which oddities have arisen in the whole clip in my showreel !

Many thanks to the casters and CastUpload for the great idea and action! #powerwith #powerfun #powercourage #unitedweact

 -  March 2020 _cc781905-5cde-3193-bb3

Baumbauer  actors

From now on I will be represented by the agency Baumbauer Actors ! I'm super excited about this collaboration and now being a part of the #baumbaueractorsfamily. 

Please send inquiries to

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